Who are the Anunnaki?

About four billion years ago there existed a planet 4 times the size of Earth, called Nibiru. It had (and still has) an elliptical orbit coming clockwise into our solar system inbetween Mars and Jupiter, around the sun, and back out to deep space. There was already a planet about twice the size of our Earth orbiting between Mars and Jupiter. This planet was called Tiamat bythe Sumerians. About four billion years ago, Nibiru struck Tiamat. Half of Tiamat was shattered, the other half of Tiamat was flung into a new orbit between Venus and Mars. Earth is the other half ofTiamat. The shattered debris of Tiamat is now the asteroid belt, save for one large chunk which is now our Moon. Nibiru's orbit stabilized after its collision with Tiamat/Earth. It takes thirty sixhundred years to complete its orbit. Astronomers today are trying to locate "planet X." Ancient Sumerians tell the tale of intelligent beings from Nibiru coming to Earth.

About four hundred fifty thousand years ago Nibiru sent a shuttle craft, a scientific expedition to Earth. They had mastery of the sciences that we are just now beginning to learn. Their planet'swas dying, and they needed gold and other precious metals to repair their planet's atmosphere. Anu was the king and head of a council of twelve on his home planet Nibiru. The beings from Nibiru areknown by the term Anunnaki. Anu appointed two of his sons to begin mining operations on Earth, Enlil (in charge of overall operations, located in the Mesopotamian Valley), and Enki (in charge of themining operations in South Africa). For one hundred and fifty thousand years, they mined metals from the Earth. They built large bases and settlements in the Mesopotamian Valley. They also hadorbiting space stations for use as storage for the precious metals that would be taken to Nibiru when its orbit neared Earth.

After the Anunnaki (Ank) had worked in the mines of South Africa for one hundred and fifty thousand years, from morning till night, they began to rebel and refused to work in the mines. Enkisupported the rebellion. The Counsel of Twelve was convened. Enki described the harsh conditions the Ank were subject to. He announced his sister had been experimenting with the animal life on earth,and would be able to develop a slave worker, smart enough to follow orders.

It didn't take very long to develop a sterile male slave worker to toil in the mines. Enlil wanted some of Enki's workers for agricultural workers and servants. After many arguments, Enlilforcefully captures some of the new creatures and brings them back to the Sumerian. For thousands of years, the naked workers labored in the mines and tended the garden in Mesopotamia. Enki seeinghis creations burdened with all of the toil without any of the joys of life, asked his sister to give them a mate and the ability to procreate. They were made in the image of the Ank. With the giftof intelligence, and the ability to procreate, safeguards were added to prevent the created turning on the creator. There life span was shortened, along with their physical strength, and theinability to use the full potential of their brain.

Enlil of course, acquired the new humans, as they were more adept in the role of servants. Everything went well for a long period. After a while Enlil became irritated by the humans. Thereinquisitive nature, their complaints, and most of all their sex drive. Enlil decided he had enough dealings with humans. He drove them out of the garden fearing they may learn the technology todevelop rocketry, weaponry, or the knowledge of longevity. He drove them to the mountains in the east to survive for themselves. They probably would have perished if Enki would have not intervenedagainst the wishes of his brother Enlil.

One Sumerian legend tells of the Great Flood of the bible. It predates the biblical story by a thousand years The Ank became aware of a great flood that would occur on earth around 11,000 BCE. Enlilhad become enraged with Anks engaging in sexual relations with humans, and producing offspring. The coming flood was the perfect opportunity to rid the Earth of humans. Enlil enlisted the Counsel ofTwelve to order complete secrecy of the impending disaster among the Anunnaki, including Enki, and ordered them to swear an oath they would not inform Mankind of the impending danger.

Since it was under Enki that Ninhursag altered humans by splicing the DNA from the Anunnaki, he felt sympathy for his creations. He said he would not tell man about the impending flood, but he didnot say he wouldn't talk to a wall. He summoned Ziusudra (Noah). He ordered Ziusudra to stand still while he talked to the wall. He told the wall about the up coming doom and what was needed to avoidcertain death. Ziusudar followed Enki's instructions, and when he saw the Anunnaki space craft departing Earth, Ziusudra and others entered his boat. After the flood, Ziusudra and his familydisembarked from the boat. He prepared a sacrificed lambs to the gods, especially Enki. The gods smelled the cooking meat and gathered around Ziusudra.

Enlil was outraged, but deep down he had been saddened and had a guilty conscience for destroying man. It didn't take much convincing for him to give them his blessing. After the flood it wasdecided to teach man the skills for survival, cultivation, raising of animals, mathematics, astronomy, and the building of cities. Contact between Ank and man became limited to emissaries of the godsand the prophets and priests of man.

These stories from ancient Sumer gives new insight to the Old Testament, especially the book of Genesis. It explains the plural form of God used through out Genesis and God's concern about man'sability to learn at the Tower of Babel. It possibly sheds new light on the Bible in Genesis 6: 1 to 5, Deuteronomy 1: 26 to 29, and Numbers 13: 26 to 33.

This is only a very brief over view of the Books of Zecharia Stichin, one of only a few hundred scholars reportedly able to decipher ancient cunniform text. His books are listed below along withother websites relating to the Anunnaki with much greater accuracy and details.

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Ancient Cunneform Text (the first known written text over 6,000 years old) discovered in Iraq, tell the tale of alien visitors arriving on the earth between 300,000 to 450,000 yearsago. They were from the planet Nibiru, a roving tenth planet in our solar system. Recent discoveries of irregular wobbles in the planets Uranus and Neptune have triggered scientists to begin searching for a tenth planet they now call Planet X

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