In the Unexplained you can explore the mysteries of the ancient civilization, including the Anunnaki, the Titans, the Mayan, the Nordic and other ancient stories of the gods. Follow the evolution of Secret Societies including the newly discovered Dead Sea Scrolls of the Essenes or the Gnostic Hammernagi Scrolls, ordered destroyed by the church in the 4th century. Enter the world of the Parapsychologists, investigating hauntings, out of the body and near death experiences. Research the evidence presented by UFO investigators, including the famous Roswell Incident. You will also find links to mediums, angelic sites, and other unexplained phenomenon.


World History Antiquity

Who are the Anunnaki?

Top Ten Ancient Civilizations

Atribute to Hinduism

Tom Gilmore


The Road to Paradise


Egyption Dynasties

Mysterious Places

Flood Stories

Dead Sea Scrolls
Antiquity and Mythology
Read Plato's stories which inspired the search for the Lost Continent. Discover the latest findings and theories which claim that Atlantis the continent is no longer lost.

A traditional overview of the origins of culture and religion can be found at, WORLD HISTORY ANTIQUITY, a great site made by Frank E. Smitha.

Ancient Cunneform Text (the first known written text over 6,000 years old) discovered in Iraq, tell the tale of alien visitors arriving on the earth between 300,000 to 450,000 years ago.

Archeologist David Hatcher Childress lists the top 10 ancient civilizations with advanced technology

Vedic literature of India contains many ancient mysteries including vimanas, the flying machines of the ancient gods and creation originating from the cosmic egg.

A different perspective on the rise of civilation can be found at the web site of Tom Gilmore which gives us a brief description of the Titan Theory and ancient beginnings

If you are into mythology and ancient religions, You could spend days exploring Pantheon

The Garden of Eden revealed

Mythology and Religion

The tour Egypt web site provides a description of the Rise of the Egyption Dynasties

Mysterious Places explores Stonehenge, Easter Island, The Mayas, and other megalythic mysterys

Stories of the ancient flood from around the world

Scrolls From the Dead Sea: The Ancient Library of Qumran
As civilization developed, a hierchy of leaders or rulers sprang into existence in antiquity. The great societies were the Pharohs and priests of ancient Egypt, the kings and priests of ancient Sumer and Babylon, the prophets, kings and priests of the Israelites, and the Aryans of India. The "elite" leaders proclaimed their divine right to rule was bestowed on them by their gods. They all professed to have mystical powers and superior knowledge granted to them by superior beings. They were the "Enlightened Ones". These closely guarded secretes of ancient rituals and godly communication were passed on, generation to generation, to a carefully selected intimate few.
Today we have the secret, but known, organization of the Freemasons. Are the Rosicrutions, or the Golden Dawn the inner circle of freemasonry? Do their roots trace back to the time of King Solomon? What influence has the "ancient mysteries" played in the Freemasonry rituals? Are they influenced by the ancient mysteries of Isis, the Eleusian Mysteries, the Essenes, the Gnostics, or the Knights Templar? Are today's government organizations what they appear? Who are the Bildenburgs? Who is striving to establish the New World Order, the goal of the non-exsisting elite, the Illuminati? You be the judge.



After Life Knowledge

Ghosts of the Prairie

The Shadowlands

After Death Communication
Ghosts and Spirits are the most documented of all unexplained phenomena. Throughout history men have told stories of ghosts. Sometimes a ghost frequents a certain location, sometimes a ghost haunts certain individuals. Ghosts are known to engage in poltergeist activities such as throwing objects and moving things around. In more dramatic cases, a ghost will take possession of a human being's body. The theory behind these apparitions can be found at GHOST RESEARCH SOCIETY one of the top investigating groups in this field today

If you are thinking of becoming a paranormal investigator? GHOST HUNTER SOCIETY offers courses in this field. It also has some interesting articles about this phenomena.

After life knowledge contains the knowledge of a man experienced in dealing with ghosts

Be sure to click on America's most haunted when visiting Ghosts of the Prairie

You can read over 2500 ghost stories at The Shadowlands

The After Death Research Center claims to have the largest reports of after death communications.

Near Death Experience Research Foundation

The International Association for Near-Death Studies

N.D.E. Web


Christian Answers

Stephen Obrien

Robert Peterson's OBE
Out of the Body and the Near Death Experience

Since Dr. Raymond Moody wrote the book Life After Life, the near death experience has become a highly debated phenomenon. Listed here are web sites which will explain the NDE and OBE beliefs.
Near Death Experience Research Foundation is an excellent site to begin your research.

Be sure to click on FAQ on the The International Association for Near-Death Studies site is loaded with individuals near death experience, divided by religious beliefs

N.D.E. Web is another great site on the NDE phenomena

Reincarnation and its' relation with the NDE

Christian Answers apparently written by a Christian to denounce the NDE as the work of the devil.

Visit the web site of Stephen Obrien, Britain's Famous Medium, Spiritual Healer and Bestselling Psychic Author, and read his stories of the Out of Body Experience.

A first hand experience by author Robert Peterson

The Events

Center for UFO Studies

Area 51

UFO Mind

Black Vault

UFO News Today


Perhaps the most famous of the UFO stories involve the town of Roswell, New Mexico. The Events which occured here has one of the most conservative organizations investigating UFOs, Center for UFO Studies, critising the US Government's explaination of what happened in Roswell in 1947.

You can't mention Roswell without mentioning Area 51.

Not far from Las Vegas, singer Glen Campbell developed an interest in Area 51.

Black Vault contains hundreds of Classified Government documents on UFO's released by the Freedom of Information Act.

Up to date UFO news can be found on UFO News Today

Citizens Againts UFO Secrecy has numerous UFO sightings

Angel Haven
Other Unexplained

This site is all about angels.